Get to know more about the Mates Speditions GmbH

In 1992, MATES was founded as an owner-operated forwarder company, in Dusseldorf. After organising our business from Ratingen for a period, we have moved the company headquarters to the logport in Duisburg harbour in 2005.

Here we pursue our own logistics centre.

We now have branch offices in the Netherlands (Zevenbergen-Moerdijk) and in Turkey (Istanbul and Izmir) where 20 additional employees fulfil our customer`s wishes.

You concentrate upon your core business, the purchase and sales of your product, and we organise the whole logistic chain for the purposes of the Supply Chain management between producer and receiver.

These involve in particular:
- Development of logistics concepts
- Takeover of logistic part solutions and complete solutions
- Handling
- Warehousing
- Consignment sale
- Fine distribution
- Multimodal transport chain (truck / ship / rail)
- Customs clearance


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